Contact Methods

Twitter: @the_me4502

Reddit: me4502

Skype: me4502

Discord: Me4502#3758

LinkedIn: Matthew Miller

IRC: I idle on #sk89q at EsperNet, come visit and chat!

Email: [email protected]

Contract Work

I guarantee a fast turnaround, quotes before starting, quality final products and free support forever. The free support is limited to the product no longer working. If extra features are required at a later date, a discounted payment will be required.

I have previously done work for many large servers, and am the lead developer of the popular plugin CraftBook. I am also a core developer of the SpongePowered server software and API. A few servers I have/do work(ed) for are: EcoCityCraft, MineTown, ShadowRaze, LichCraft, MCCentral, and many others that I have not yet recieved permission to list.

Please add me on skype at 'me4502', or another contact method listed on my contact page.

The Terms and Conditions are available here, and are negotiable.